Hiking View

Photograph Taken from my hike in the mountains near by where I live.


My hike to the mountains was in the afternoon. I went there to walk and have some exercise. I got there late than what I thought I would. I walked fast up the mountain in order to take this photo.


Typography: Blue Rose

This is a typography drawing I did in my Photoshop class.

Typography of a blue rose

I used a photo that my friend took. I asked her permission if I could use it. It took me many hours to finished it. In the end it was worth all the time and work I put into it. In the begging I was being careful and trying to make it look clean, so the text would be readable. Days past and the deadline was coming, so I started to spam the text and in the end it looked better than when I was being careful. My teacher and the rest of the class were impressed by the image I created. I was also proud of what I did. In the end I sent a printed version to my friend as a thank you gift for letting me use her photo.

In front of sunset

I will start posting Photography on my blog now. They will pictures taken by my friend and me.

The first ones I will post were taken by my friend during a sunset.

Sunset shadow



I really like these ones because of the silhouette that are created by capturing the object in front of the sunset. The orange, yellows and reds make a big contrast against the blacks in the the image.

For some reason looking at them makes me feel relaxing. I don’t know why and always ask myself the same question. Maybe someday I will know the answer, until then I will continue to watch the sunset.

I’m always amazed by the stunning photographs my friend is able to take. I wished she would take pictures more often. For reasons I can’t mention she does not capture stuff often.


Gorilla Illustration


This illustration is made be a friend. She is really good at drawing, so someone I know commission this from her. Unfortunately she does not have a computer to make her original pencil drawing into a digital drawing. So I had to help her with it. She drew it and then scanned the drawing. She sent it to me and I made it into a vector and then colored it to how she wanted. I was really though to make it just like she imagined. I probably didn’t make it exactly like she imagined it.

She is pretty strict so I had to do my best until she was satisfied with it. Although that is what I admire from her. She does not do anything less 100%.

Orange Roses Illustration


This drawing started as a challenge given to me by a friend. It was to draw orange rose in digital. I accepted the challenge and started the drawing using a reference photograph. Once I finished the outline I started to fill in the color. The original photo was of a red rose, so I had to do the coloring myself. I think that was a good test for me since I usually don’t use color in my art.

In the end I like how it looks, but I think I could of added more details if I had more time to work on it. I kinda rushed to finish it. I’m still satisfied with the drawing.

Any critic is welcome on the piece of art.

Illustrations of Train Wheels


This is an illustration of train wheels. I used negative space to make implied lines for the outline shape. It was really fun doing this illustration. The small details made it a bit difficult to finish, but in the end I simplified the smallest details.

I used a reference photo from a free site rich I don’t remember at this time of the site name.

Here is the reference photograph I used.

Train wheels.jpg


I used Adobe Illustrator to make it. I first made a layer with the reference photo and then made a layer on top for the actual line work. I just went and fill in the dark where I saw dark shadows one by one until I finished.

Rose Coloring book style

Line art-04

This is one of the first digital illustration I’ve ever done. It was kinda of challenging to do at first since it was one of the first times I’ve tired digital. In the end I liked how it came out. Since then I’ve had a bigger interest in digital illustrations. I want to do more of them in the future. I have some illustration done already and will start posting them on my blog.

I started this illustration using a previous drawing of a rose I did. Then I just did the outline of the drawing with lines. When I thought I was finished I copied the line art and pasted it as the background.

Digital art: Vignette

I recently starting doing more digital illustrations. I decided to post some here now. My blog has been dead for awhile so I need to start posting often.


I did this art with Adobe Illustrator. My friend did the original sketch and with her permission I did a vector version of it. I like digital because of how easy it is to make a drawing into a vector.

The drawing itself is a tree in front of a crescent moon and a giant sun in the background. The tree has two leafs and a water drop falling from a branch. I like her drawing so much and the idea she had to make it.

Charcoal Paper Bag

Finally I’m going to be posting on my blog again after so long. 

I’m not really sure what to think of it. On one hand I like how it looks and the new style of shading I did, but I feel like I can still do it better. Maybe if I did it in the usually style I shade I would be satisfied with it.


It was still fun to do. I enjoy using charcoal, not so much paper bags because of the many little details they have.